Summer Playground Safety

As we get into the high hot summer months, a couple of reminders when around the Playscape next to the pool:

  1. Children MUST be supervised by a parent or adult (ages 16 & older) at all times.
  2. Play equipment is designed for children 4-12. Adults should use caution when using the play equipment. Do not place children on laps when sliding.
  3. Please slide one at a time in a forward seated position, feet first. Please no climbing up the slide.
  4. Please no climbing or standing on the outside of the play equipment.
  5. Please no food, gum, or drinks on the play equipment.
  6. Please notify RealManage or a Board Member of any problems or concernsand Last but not Least!
  7. HAVE FUN!

On a related note, it came to the attention of the HOA that someone after grilling next to the playground, did not put the fire out in a proper manner. Unfortunately, this led to a small but quickly contained fire near the playscape. In this dry weather that we are having, please remember to properly and completely extinguish any fire in the grill and then dispose of the ashes and coals in a proper container.

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