Thank You Mulchbusters

Brian, Jason, and Tim of the board would like to thank some Creekview neighbors for helping distribute the kiddie kushion mulch delivered to the pool parking lot for distribution under the playscape.  Ed Barlow and his grand-daughter, Brynn, Jeff Gifford, and the Bennett’s, Chuck and Kyle, many thanks for taking the time and your “talents” to assist with this project.  In total, the “crew” moved 32 yards of mulch from the parking lot to the playscape in just 3.5 hours.  A record?  Not sure, but suffice to say, many hands, shovels, wheelbarrows, and Ed Barlow’s green trash barrel made short work of this task.  This activity gave each of us an opportunity to meet neighbors we previously had not known.  Tiring to say the least, but satisfying result; especially saving the HOA over $3500.00 by doing the labor ourselves.  Again, thanks to everyone.