Car Break-Ins

Nextdoor¬†published today a security camera image of two young adults, male and female, who were seen trying to break into a car parked in the driveway. The individual who posted asked for assistance in identifying either of them. You can get to this site by typing Netdoor Creekview. It appears that a number of homes within our general vicinity of contiguous HOAs have had a number of automobile break-ins. Here in our community of Creekview HOA you are reminded to keep you house doors locked, garage doors lowered and locked, and all vehicles locked at all times; especially after hours. While there has been no notice that property has been burglarized here in our Creekview Community, it is clear that this episode, and one a week or so ago regarding a woman posing as a dog trainer, are reminders that as a community we need to be vigilant in our respective neighborhoods for those who would take advantage of neighbor absence or inattention. Don’t hesitate to contact the board at or Real Manage at with any concerns. Neighbor watching out for neighbor is the best security.