Pool Access

Next Sunday, April 1, 2018, the Creekview Pool will open for the season. Hours remain the same as in years’ past. Tuesday through Sunday; 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. Monday the hours are; 1:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Monday from 8:00 am until 1;00 pm, the pool is routinely closed to access to permit pool maintenance and porter service to our restroom facilities and pool common area. The play-scape and open space is available everyday from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm.

An audit on the entry key FOBS was completed this winter. To date, only 110 of the 249 residences have registered their entry FOBS. If you have not done so, now is the time to get this completed before the pool opens. If your FOB is not registered you will not have access for pool entry. Delay in getting your FOB registered may result in a financial penalty to do so once the season begins.

If you are leasee, please contact your owner to determine location of the FOB for your residence. Every effort will be made to ensure that any resident of Creekview will be in possession of the appropriate entry FOB for pool access. Neighbor, help your neighbor who might be new to the community get a FOB if they need one, or get the one they have registered if it has not been. Contact our property manager, Real Manage, at CiraNet.com with any questions about FOB registration.

For the safety of all those who use the amenity center, DO NOT PERMIT ACCESS TO ANYONE WHO IS NOT A CREEKVIEW RESIDENT OR IS NOT A GUEST OF A CREEKVIEW RESIDENT! There is a reason that entry can only be made to this facility by those who have a registered entry FOB, and it is important for the protection of those who are using the facility to deny access to anyone not recognized as a Creekview resident. Each resident may have up to four (4) guests visiting and using the amenity center and pool when that resident is present at this facility. There is a list of safety items and facility use restrictions posted on both the north and west walls of the pool common area. We ask that you familiarize yourselves with this list. Violations of these items can result with loss of access and privileges to this facility. Discussion is underway to establish a reservation system for those residents who wish to utilize the pool common area for small gatherings. More to follow in this regard.

There have been a number of security and electronic upgrades to the aging electronic system of the amenity center. With these upgrades, a door entry alarm was added. Should the pool entry door be left open longer than 45 seconds, an alarm will sound to remind those entering or leaving to ensure that the pool entry door is shut completely.

Every effort will be made to ensure that this facility is safe, secure, and an inviting place for every Creekview resident and their families. Each resident is asked to take an “ownership” role in ensuring that should there be any issues or concerns these are addressed immediately. Each of us has an equal stake in ensuring that the Creekview Community continues to be a wonderful place to live and raise our families. Please do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors with any comment or suggestion by either this website; thecreekview.com or via Facebook at; Creekview Community. Have a wonderful summer.