Children’s Pool Closed For Repairs

Last Saturday, Scott Dudley of Dudley Pools, LLC, did repairs to the caulking of the children’s pool deck. Unfortunately, some of the material used was defective and has created the need to keep this pool closed until the issue can be corrected. It will be necessary remove this defective material and replace it with new caulk material. Until that time, this pool will remain closed. Yellow tape has been placed around the children’s pool notifying everyone to refrain from using this pool. It is anticipated that all repairs will be completed at the start of next week. The Board of Directors appreciates the patience of the community in this regard.

The large pool has no restrictions on use, so, if the weather and temperature cooperate, have some fun.

A reminder to everyone; for your safety please do not admit anyone who you do not recognize as a Creekview resident. To gain access, electronic key fobs are made available to all residents. A number of notices have been generated advising the community for the need to have these electronic devices registered. To date only 110 of the 249 residences in the Creekview Community have registered their electronic key. If any resident has not registered their key fob, please do so at your earliest convenience. Unregistered electronic key fobs will not work to open the gate.

Only those residents with these registered electronic key fobs should be permitted access to the pool and common area. Allowing individuals who are not Creekview residents, and who are not accompanied guests of a Creekview resident access to the pool and common area, can result in loss of amenity usage for that resident who allows entry to unknown individuals.

Please help keep the pool area safe and inviting for every registered Creekview resident. Each of us has a vested interest to ensure that the amenity area is kept attractive and welcoming to all registered Creekview residents. Your attention, support, and vigilance is greatly appreciated.