Community Clean Up and Mulching Day 5-12-18

In discussion with fellow neighbors regarding assistance of community for the planned mulch and clean-up day, it was made apparent that more information was needed to justify assistance from the community.

For perspective, we have a great landscape vendor in Sunscape. These crews do a wonderful job keeping the community landscaping clean and trimmed. Sunscape has identified that the tree belt along Slate Creek and Creek Vista are badly in need of mulch, as are the planting beds in the pool area and those beds contiguous to the pool. In fact, it appears that these areas have not been mulched in several years, and these areas are down to bare soil. If you have walked along Creek Vista you will readily see that the irrigation is washing soil onto the sidewalks. It is clear that mulching is long overdue for these areas.

Additionally, more specialty mulch needs to be added to the play-scape basin to bring the level up to an acceptable, safe level for this site.

Our vendor provided us with estimates to do all this work which would include the cost of the mulch and the labor to apply it to the respective sites. The combined work is estimated to cost over $8000 for the vendor to do this work.

As experienced last year with the first application of mulch for the play-scape, having Creekview HOA purchase the mulch in bulk and spreading it ourselves the savings were significant. The estimate to purchase bulk mulch with delivery for both the landscaping and play-scape basin this year is approximately $2,200. The wild card is providing labor. With the support of the Creekview Community applying this mulch on May 12th, the labor saving costs are almost $6000 to the HOA. Purchasing needed products in bulk and getting help from the community will make a big difference to our financial bottom line.

Without assistance of the community on May 12th, beginning at 9:00 am, the task to distribute this mulch will be overwhelming. Further, going forward it may be necessary to have our vendor handle any future work in this regard. With added operational costs the risk of increasing monthly assessments becomes a reality during future budget discussions. As a community, we were fortunate to hold the line on assessment fees for this fiscal year. It is hoped to continue to do this, but it clearly depends on the response from everyone here in Creekview.

Please set some time aside on Saturday, May 12, 2018 to assist in this community effort. Please bring a shovel, rake, and/or wheelbarrow with you. Power equipment and trailers will be available to move the mulch to different areas around the community where the mulch can then be spread appropriately. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the board on the Creekview Community Facebook page or here at our community website: