Children’s Pool To Remain Closed To Swimming

It is regret that the children’s pool remain closed through the weekend and the first part of next week. As was shared, the caulking along the perimeter needed replacing. This was done only to uncover that the area below the replaced caulk was extremely wet. The result was the new caulk could not set. This replaced caulk was removed as was the sand underneath. When this was done, our vendor Scott Dudley uncovered that several additional layers of caulk had been placed deep within the perimeter of the pool crevice. These he has removed. When this was completed it was clear that water had invaded this space leading to the failure of the replacement, and that this area was extremely wet.

The course of action is the following; the pool will remain closed to allow this crevice to dry out. Scott Dudley will monitor this area over the weekend to ensure that it is drying out completely. Presently, it is much dryer than yesterday, but still remains wet which prevents the necessary caulk application.

Our landscape vendor, Sunscape, will mow the property on Monday. This includes the pool grassy areas. Irrigation for the property also runs two times weekly; Tuesday and Friday. Plans are to wait until after the irrigation runs on Tuesday to determine if the there may be an issue with irrigation seepage into the ground surface below which may be invading the soil under the children’s pool deck and along the perimeter of this small pool. Waiting until after mowing will ensure that no grass discharge will get into the fresh caulk once it is applied should there not be further issue with wetness.

Every effort is being made to ensure that the repairs will not require extensive down time for this pool. Until then, the large pool remains open and inviting for all of the community to use. We ask your continued patience with regard to the delays associated with the small pool. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Creekview Board of Directors at: or Facebook on the Creekview Community page.