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In & Around Cedar Park!

Following the quarterly HOA Breakfast meet-and-greet, a number of excellent resources were made available to residents.


1)      Fight the Bite/ Code Compliance Video

With the warmer weather out there, now is also the time for mosquitos.  Please remember that something as small as a water bottle cap with water in it is enough for mosquitos to breed in.


Click here to download some additional resources :


2)      Annual Waste Clean-Up (coming up April 7th):

As you may have seen by the separate event that we’ve created on the Creekview page, we invite you to save the date and those chemicals in your garage from your spring cleaning sessions for our annual Household Hazardous Waste free cleanup on April 7.

3)      Link to Parking Ordinances:

Recently there has been a rise in the number of requests the city has had for parking violations on neighborhood streets. There are a number of Texas laws and ordinances which affect parking and we wanted to send out a friendly reminder that if you park your vehicle incorrectly or in the wrong area you could become a hazard to emergency access, pedestrians or other motorists.

Parking in the street must be next to the curb and in the direction of the flow of traffic. You must be parked at least five feet from a public or private driveway unless you are parking in a cul-de-sac. You cannot park your vehicle in a crosswalk, or within an intersection or in a sidewalk, even in your own driveway. Finally, please make sure to be at least 30 feet away from stop signs, yield signs or other traffic signals at the side of the road.

4)      Code Compliance Neighborhood Campaign (Cedar Park Swag):

5)      Trash bag limit:

If you’re thinking of raking those pesky oak leaves, please remember our 7-item bulk trash limit. It helps our trash trucks not get overfilled so they can finish their routes each day. (They make multiple trips daily to the landfill in Hutto.) Happy raking and enjoy the sunshine! More info here: 

6)      Neighborhood Resources page:

A number of resources are available to homeowners courtesy of the City by clicking on the following link:

7)     CP Connect 2.0

See a pothole … make it disappear! Appracadabra! Download the all-new CP Connect 2.0 app from your mobile device’s app store today and start using it to report issues to the City. Plus, find your trash/recycling pickup schedule, watering days, information about upcoming City events and more. *Important*:


8)      Halff Lakeline Presentation:

The City of Cedar Park is starting the master planning process to develop Lakeline Park, 189 acres of undeveloped land in south Cedar Park.

Join other Cedar Park residents on April 5, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the Cedar Park Recreation Center, 1435 Main Street, for the first of three public meetings. To help the city better plan the event, we are encouraging you to let them know you’re attending through our Facebook event page. Let us know you’re attending (optional): For maps and more information visit


9)      City Atlas overlay maps:

The city has provided a great map overlay resource to its residents.  Available here;

It allows you to look at all kinds of different elements within the city.


10)    Water meters:

As we approach warmer temperatures, we encourage you to dive deeper into your water bill. Our online portal lets you see hourly water use, detect possible water waste and set customized alerts.

Sign up at

You’re Running the SH2OW video:


11)      Other News

Bandit Signs in the neighborhood:
Ordinance 13.03.007 (D). Any complaint related to the violation of this ordinance should be reported to Code Compliance:

Solicitation requirements:
Any complaint related to the violation of this article or any provision thereof shall be filed with the municipal court clerk:


12)      Road Project Updates

Updates on various Road and other project updates throughout the City  can be viewed here:

Pool Access for 2018 and beyond

As mentioned in the post below about the alarm, the HOA has replaced the access control system at the pool. Since there are so many old records in the database we will need to start fresh. You should have received a letter in the mail regarding the access. If you have already submitted the information to RealManage, then you do not need to do anything further. If you have not done, please click the link below to complete the audit form. You MUST have your access Fob with you to complete the form.

Please note that you will NOT have access to the pool area until the form is completed. If you need a replacement Fob please contact RealManage at 1-866-473-2573 after January 15th.


Meeting Minutes from Board Meeting on 02-16-2017 (Updated)

The minutes for the Board of Directors meeting that was held on Feb 16th, 2017 have been added to the portal.  Due to the nature of the meeting minutes, you have to be a confirmed resident to have access to view them.

If you do not have access to the Community portal on Ciranet, please contact RealManage and ask for assistance.


Monthly Board of Directors Meeting for Creekview HOA

Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Creekview Pool Area: 1800 Slate Creek, Cedar Park, TX 789613


Call to Order – 6:30 pm

Approval of the November 21, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Manager’s Report:

1. Financial Status – Operating Acct. Cash balance $21,226; Replacement fund balance $78,732
2. Collection Status – There are 12 delinquent homeowners totaling $3,399
3. Violation Status – There are 18 homJoineowners with open violations

New Business:
1. Pool
i. Rules for utilization and enforcement
ii. After hours parking violations and towing (notice, signage language, and sign placement)
iii. Bulletin Board
iv. Update on security cameras, alert, and messaging
2. Review Deed Restrictions
i. Increase understanding items subject to enforcement
ii. Develop the language for notice to membership on the process to amend governing documents
iii. Discuss vote process for Creekview HOA and direction of uncast votes reverting to Board of Directors
3. Update on water/ wastewater usage for previous years
4. Discuss recognition for past Secretary/Treasurer; Paul Bumpus
5. 2016 annual meeting minutes
6. 2017 annual budget
i. Can be found on resident portal under my documents
7. Proposed 2017 annual meeting date
8. Status of website and current data as managed by webmaster- Vaden
9. List of HOA committees
i. Review current volunteers
ii. Recruit additional participation

Executive Session:
• Adjourn to Executive Session
This will be a closed session not open to homeowners.

Summer Playground Safety

As we get into the high hot summer months, a couple of reminders when around the Playscape next to the pool:

  1. Children MUST be supervised by a parent or adult (ages 16 & older) at all times.
  2. Play equipment is designed for children 4-12. Adults should use caution when using the play equipment. Do not place children on laps when sliding.
  3. Please slide one at a time in a forward seated position, feet first. Please no climbing up the slide.
  4. Please no climbing or standing on the outside of the play equipment.
  5. Please no food, gum, or drinks on the play equipment.
  6. Please notify RealManage or a Board Member of any problems or concernsand Last but not Least!
  7. HAVE FUN!

On a related note, it came to the attention of the HOA that someone after grilling next to the playground, did not put the fire out in a proper manner. Unfortunately, this led to a small but quickly contained fire near the playscape. In this dry weather that we are having, please remember to properly and completely extinguish any fire in the grill and then dispose of the ashes and coals in a proper container.