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Announcements by the pool committee

Pool Access for 2018 and beyond

As mentioned in the post below about the alarm, the HOA has replaced the access control system at the pool. Since there are so many old records in the database we will need to start fresh. You should have received a letter in the mail regarding the access. If you have already submitted the information to RealManage, then you do not need to do anything further. If you have not done, please click the link below to complete the audit form. You MUST have your access Fob with you to complete the form.

Please note that you will NOT have access to the pool area until the form is completed. If you need a replacement Fob please contact RealManage at 1-866-473-2573 after January 15th.


Creekview HOA Newsletter April 2017

It is hoped that each household in Creekview received the first issue of the community newsletter either personally or left in your door.  If you did not, contact the and advise this outage.  Shall be glad to get a newsletter out to you.  We ask that you review this newsletter to assist you in providing contacts directly to the board or to our management company; Real Manage through Cira Mail.  A copy of the newsletter has been posted in the bulletin board in the pool common area, and one is attached here as well.  Please do not hesitate to contact the board should you have any questions or concerns.Creekview Newsletter Issue 1

Summer Playground Safety

As we get into the high hot summer months, a couple of reminders when around the Playscape next to the pool:

  1. Children MUST be supervised by a parent or adult (ages 16 & older) at all times.
  2. Play equipment is designed for children 4-12. Adults should use caution when using the play equipment. Do not place children on laps when sliding.
  3. Please slide one at a time in a forward seated position, feet first. Please no climbing up the slide.
  4. Please no climbing or standing on the outside of the play equipment.
  5. Please no food, gum, or drinks on the play equipment.
  6. Please notify RealManage or a Board Member of any problems or concernsand Last but not Least!
  7. HAVE FUN!

On a related note, it came to the attention of the HOA that someone after grilling next to the playground, did not put the fire out in a proper manner. Unfortunately, this led to a small but quickly contained fire near the playscape. In this dry weather that we are having, please remember to properly and completely extinguish any fire in the grill and then dispose of the ashes and coals in a proper container.

Community Volunteers Needed!

All – following our recent annual meeting, we are putting the call out for volunteers. Currently 11 of your neighbors have stepped forward to volunteer a bit of their time each month in the following committees:

1) Neighborhood Watch (Help protect your fellow neighbors)
2) ACC (Architectural Committee)
3) Website / Newsletters (Help keep our Social media and website up and running)
4) Events Committee (Help plan our events throughout the year)
5) Landscaping
6) Pool Committee

We are looking for at least another 15 people to step forward and help make the community even better :O)

Please feel free to contact the board directly at if you have any questions.