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Announcements by the Neighborhood Watch Committee

Car Break-Ins

Nextdoor published today a security camera image of two young adults, male and female, who were seen trying to break into a car parked in the driveway. The individual who posted asked for assistance in identifying either of them. You can get to this site by typing Netdoor Creekview. It appears that a number of homes within our general vicinity of contiguous HOAs have had a number of automobile break-ins. Here in our community of Creekview HOA you are reminded to keep you house doors locked, garage doors lowered and locked, and all vehicles locked at all times; especially after hours. While there has been no notice that property has been burglarized here in our Creekview Community, it is clear that this episode, and one a week or so ago regarding a woman posing as a dog trainer, are reminders that as a community we need to be vigilant in our respective neighborhoods for those who would take advantage of neighbor absence or inattention. Don’t hesitate to contact the board at or Real Manage at with any concerns. Neighbor watching out for neighbor is the best security.

Thank You Mulchbusters

Brian, Jason, and Tim of the board would like to thank some Creekview neighbors for helping distribute the kiddie kushion mulch delivered to the pool parking lot for distribution under the playscape.  Ed Barlow and his grand-daughter, Brynn, Jeff Gifford, and the Bennett’s, Chuck and Kyle, many thanks for taking the time and your “talents” to assist with this project.  In total, the “crew” moved 32 yards of mulch from the parking lot to the playscape in just 3.5 hours.  A record?  Not sure, but suffice to say, many hands, shovels, wheelbarrows, and Ed Barlow’s green trash barrel made short work of this task.  This activity gave each of us an opportunity to meet neighbors we previously had not known.  Tiring to say the least, but satisfying result; especially saving the HOA over $3500.00 by doing the labor ourselves.  Again, thanks to everyone.

Date change for monthly Board of Directors’ Meeting

A change of date for the month BoD meeting has been made due to conflict with Real Manage Customer Service Advisor.  The date was changed from Wednesday, May 24, 2017 to Thursday, May 18, 2017.  Time and location remain the same.  Residents are welcome to attend.  Only agenda items for this meeting may be discussed or addressed by residents.  Executive session is not open to residents.

Creekview HOA Newsletter April 2017

It is hoped that each household in Creekview received the first issue of the community newsletter either personally or left in your door.  If you did not, contact the and advise this outage.  Shall be glad to get a newsletter out to you.  We ask that you review this newsletter to assist you in providing contacts directly to the board or to our management company; Real Manage through Cira Mail.  A copy of the newsletter has been posted in the bulletin board in the pool common area, and one is attached here as well.  Please do not hesitate to contact the board should you have any questions or concerns.Creekview Newsletter Issue 1

Community Volunteers Needed!

All – following our recent annual meeting, we are putting the call out for volunteers. Currently 11 of your neighbors have stepped forward to volunteer a bit of their time each month in the following committees:

1) Neighborhood Watch (Help protect your fellow neighbors)
2) ACC (Architectural Committee)
3) Website / Newsletters (Help keep our Social media and website up and running)
4) Events Committee (Help plan our events throughout the year)
5) Landscaping
6) Pool Committee

We are looking for at least another 15 people to step forward and help make the community even better :O)

Please feel free to contact the board directly at if you have any questions.

Recent Burglaries and Suspicious Activity

It  was recently reported to the HOA of a burglary in  our community.  We have also noticed suspicious vehicles in our community.  Please be aware that the burglary is being investigated by the Cedar Park Police Department as a felony burglary.

If you do see suspicious activity, especially during this summer period, please do not hesitate to contact the Neighborhood Watch team or a member of the HOA Board or don’t hesitate to call 911.

Thanks again for everything you do as a community!