Monthly Archives: June 2015

Hey Residents!

Did you know we have a Residents page? Its only for Creekview residents and will have content only for you! You must register on the site to get access.

There is a two step process:

1. Register on the site here: or try to access the Resident page.

2. Once your information is verified with the HOA (name and address) you will be given resident access on the site. You can check you access by trying to get to the Residents page.


If you have any problems with getting access  please use the Contact  page and email the web admin.

Recent Burglaries and Suspicious Activity

It  was recently reported to the HOA of a burglary in  our community.  We have also noticed suspicious vehicles in our community.  Please be aware that the burglary is being investigated by the Cedar Park Police Department as a felony burglary.

If you do see suspicious activity, especially during this summer period, please do not hesitate to contact the Neighborhood Watch team or a member of the HOA Board or don’t hesitate to call 911.

Thanks again for everything you do as a community!