Monthly Archives: January 2017

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting for Creekview HOA

Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Creekview Pool Area: 1800 Slate Creek, Cedar Park, TX 789613


Call to Order – 6:30 pm

Approval of the November 21, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Manager’s Report:

1. Financial Status – Operating Acct. Cash balance $21,226; Replacement fund balance $78,732
2. Collection Status – There are 12 delinquent homeowners totaling $3,399
3. Violation Status – There are 18 homJoineowners with open violations

New Business:
1. Pool
i. Rules for utilization and enforcement
ii. After hours parking violations and towing (notice, signage language, and sign placement)
iii. Bulletin Board
iv. Update on security cameras, alert, and messaging
2. Review Deed Restrictions
i. Increase understanding items subject to enforcement
ii. Develop the language for notice to membership on the process to amend governing documents
iii. Discuss vote process for Creekview HOA and direction of uncast votes reverting to Board of Directors
3. Update on water/ wastewater usage for previous years
4. Discuss recognition for past Secretary/Treasurer; Paul Bumpus
5. 2016 annual meeting minutes
6. 2017 annual budget
i. Can be found on resident portal under my documents
7. Proposed 2017 annual meeting date
8. Status of website and current data as managed by webmaster- Vaden
9. List of HOA committees
i. Review current volunteers
ii. Recruit additional participation

Executive Session:
• Adjourn to Executive Session
This will be a closed session not open to homeowners.