Monthly Archives: June 2017

Pool Entry Door Not Functioning At This Time

The Board was advised by our Real Manage Customer Manager, Amber Hamilton, that there is a receiver problem with our electronic door system. As a result, few if any key fobs are working to allow you to access the pool. The Operations Manager and technicians providing this service are aware of the door receiver issue. It is hoped that this can be resolved today. In the interim, the door to the pool has been propped open to permit access to the pool until the fob issue can be resolved. Please monitor our website,, for additional updates on the status of the entry system repairs. Should repairs be prolonged through the weekend, effort will be made to ensure that there will be access to the pool beginning at 8:00 am each day through close at 10:00 pm.

There is a change for this coming Monday for pool access as well. Normally, the pool is not available on each Monday until after 1:00 pm to permit cleaning and sanitizing pool and bathrooms. For many, with July 4th falling on Tuesday, a long weekend might be planned by many families. With this in mind, the pool will be open beginning at 10:00 am Monday, July 3rd and close at the normal time of 10:00 pm.
Should you have any questions regarding pool entry or HOA related issues please feel free to contact the board at;

The Creekview Board of Directors wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.

Mid Year Meeting Follow UP

A follow up to last week’s mid-year association meeting will be forthcoming. A copy of the presentation with applicable discussion will be provided in the next few days, and will be sent to all registered email addresses held by Real Manage. If you do not receive this information or upon review, if you have any questions, please utilize either the association website; or via the resident portal at to provide comment or requests for information. More information about upcoming activities and projects will be provided in a timely manner for consideration by all members of Creekview Homeowner’s Association.

New baby changing stations

This weekend two baby changing stations have been installed in each one of the two pool common area bathrooms. They are easy to use, and parents with young children are asked to utilize these convenient stations when necessary. This will help avoid the necessity of changing children on the pool deck or common area tables, and will be a comfortable benefit for parents and little ones. Please do not hesitate to contact the board at or through with any questions in this regard.

Additionally, parents with non-toilet trained children are asked to use a swim diaper when your young children use either the children’s pool or large pool with parents. There are a number of store brand and national brand swim diapers available. Splashers from the Pamper family of diapers made by Procter Gamble is an example of an appropriate swim diaper for those non-toilet trained little ones. Much appreciation for your attention and compliance.

Finally, those residents who are dog owners, dog sitters, or dog walkers are asked to utilize the dog waste bags available throughout Creekview to dispose of your pet’s fecal waste. You will find dispensers of these waste bags next to each mailbox area and near the play scape adjacent to the pool. It is disconcerting to find fecal matter on the sidewalks or grass areas in front of residences or along the grass belt between sidewalk and street; especially when these pet waste bags are readily available. Real Manage, our association management company, refills these dispensers weekly. If you find a dispenser near your home is empty please contact the board at or Real Manage at advising the need for refill and where the dispenser is located. Please do not hesitate to grab a few of these when you are taking your “best friend” for a walk. Please use these handy pet waste bags whenever it is necessary, and dispose of them in an appropriate receptacle.

Creekview HOA Mid-Year Meeting

A week from today, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Creekview HOA will conduct a mid-year meeting. This meeting will be held at the Cedar Park Library on Discovery. This meeting will provide an update on the 2017 budgeting through May, improvements, and introduction to possible amenity expansion for 2018. The Board of Directors look forward to addressing any questions or concerns fellow Creekview Homeowners may have. Those residents wishing to speak that evening should register to do so beginning at 6:00 PM through the start of the meeting which begins at 6:30 PM. Residents will be permitted three minutes for their presentation. Your participation in this event is welcome. Should there be any questions before this meeting please send your correspondences to