Monthly Archives: August 2017

Children’s Pool

The children’s pool is very murky. This is the result of all the rain which washed a great deal of dust and fine dirt from the canopy above. The chlorination and ph of the water is as it should be, but the appearance is less than ideal. Scott Dudley, our pool vendor, is aware of this appearance, and efforted improving the appearance today. It will take several days for the appearance to return to clear. Scott will continue to monitor, and continue to clean the silt out as it settles to the bottom. Any questions or concerns please contact the board at

Suspicious Person in Neighborhood

Please be advised that a suspicious person posing as a dog trainer has been going house to house in Creekview, and perhaps, Silverado as well. A resident reported seeing this woman with her dog going house to house, and in the process, attempting to determine if doors are unlocked. Cedar Park Police have been called, and it is understood that they have made an effort to patrol the neighborhood at this time. Further, the security camera video will be reviewed later this date to determine if she was visually picked up by this system, and if so, this footage will be provided to authorities.

As always, please see to it that your doors are locked at all times; especially rear doors that are often obscured by the fencing surrounding each of our homes. Ensure that your garage doors are kept closed even if you are at home.

If you see this woman and her dog please contact Cedar Park Police to provide a description of her, and the direction she may be travelling. For your safety, do not approach her or her animal. Further updates will be provided once they are available.

Pool Filter Maintenance Completed

Everything is working as hoped and expected relative to the pool filtration system following maintenance. Pool looks nice and clear, and filter pumps are running more efficiently resulting in better surface skimming than prior to this work. The pool is open at its normal time today. Many thanks to our pool and porter vendor, Scott Dudley of Dudley Pools. As always, if there are any concerns please reach out to the board at: or Real Manage at

Pool Closing Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The pool is closed until later today to complete final activities associated with pool filter maintenance. Presently, the water ph level and water level is below appropriate indications. Scott Dudley is working on ensuring that everything is just as it should be before giving a “green light” to pool use. It is expected that the pool will be open later this date. Your patience and attention for the need to close the pool until later today is appreciated. Any questions should be directed to

Filter Maintenance

Scott Dudley, our pool and porter vendor, is presently completing maintenance of the first and largest pool filter. This, the most important filter for the pool, will be completed this evening. He will return early tomorrow morning to clean the pool and ensure that the chlorine and ph levels of the pool water are as desired for pool use. There should be not hesitation using the pool tomorrow. Should there be a need to close the pool another day the community will be notified. Mr. Dudley will return tomorrow afternoon and early evening to complete the final filter maintenance. It is anticipated that this work will ensure that the observation of “cloudy” water will be mitigated. Should you have any questions of concern please do not hesitate to contact Real Manage at or members of the board;