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Play-Scape Canopy

The final installation of the play-scape canopy was completed today. Going forward, utilization of this wonderful amenity will be comfortable for all who use it regardless of time of day and temperature. Previously, in the heat of the summer without this covering, the surfaces of the play-scape became dangerously hot for Creekview youngsters who wanted to enjoy themselves. The canopy will eliminate the concern parents have had in previously letting their children use the play-scape in the heat of a mid-summer day. It was hoped that installation would have been completed earlier this summer, but manufacturing of this item was delayed at the factory. Happily it is now in place, and going forward the play-scape will be an inviting place regardless of Texas summer sun.

Package Theft in Creekview

Neighbor Steve Gogolewski wrote on Nextdoor Creekview,

A package was taken from my from steps that delivered. My experience is since this has happened a few times in our area, it’s likely someone who lives nearby. If you kld happens to all of the sudden have new pair of Symphonized “Wooden” headphones with red and grey wires, and, and you didn’t buy them, please have a talk. I certainly would not seek to prosecute if they happened to be returned.

Just a reminder, Nextdoor Creekview, while an excellent social media vehicle, is not our neighborhood specific email site. The email site for our Creekview Neighborhood is Please do not hesitate to use our Real Manage site as well; Messages sent to both sites will be directed to our specific neighborhood, and will find its way to our Twitter and Facebook accounts to increase visibility. If you have questions for the board please do not hesitate to contact them at

On Steve’s behalf, please be observant to activities in the neighborhood, and report to Cedar Park Police individuals who do not look like they are residents. Many thanks for your kind attention.

Utilization Of Security Cameras

Last evening, at a gathering of some of the Laminar Creek residents, discussion ensued regarding the utilization of the security cameras. Following an inappropriate and uninformed posting on Creekview HOA’s Facebook Page, residents were given the impression that the security cameras were being used for other than their role of capturing images of trespassers or vandals who have done facility damage during opened hours, or who have gained entry to the pool, play-scape, or parking lot area after hours. It is important that Creekview residents understand the protocol relating to security camera operation and utilization.
Viper Solutions was the vendor for this security system. Built into the system is a verbal warning system to inform individuals of pool closing or pool incursion. Should there be an incursion after hours, the system sends a signal that a violation has taken place. This permits the security footage to be reviewed to ascertain what triggered the violation notice, and then if necessary, to take appropriate steps to remediate the issue. The same holds true if damage is uncovered following usage by visitors or residents to the facilities.
Presently, all incursions of any kind are handled by Vice-President, Jason Wolf. Jason is a local law enforcement officer, and, having the experience with criminal investigations and knowledge of local, state, and federal law, Jason has assumed responsibility of reviewing all security footage, and following this review, advise Real Manage and the other board members of what he has found. At no time is the security camera footage utilized unless there has been a reported violation or damage by another Creekview resident, facility guest, or a violation notice of incursion sent to Jason by the security system.
The security system has been instrumental in identifying a number of individuals who have vandalized the pool, or who have entered the pool by scaling the fence after hours. Additionally, at the request of a neighbor who lives across the street from the pool whose car was the victim of a hit and run offense, the security camera system was also able to capture the car who did this damage. This footage was retrieved after a lengthy review by Jason Wolf resulting in the identification of the offending operator. This same footage was provided to Cedar Park Police with the underage, unlicensed operator then identified by CPPD and the matter going forward handled by them.
Residents, especially female residents, can feel both comfortable and safe that the security camera system is being used exclusively for purposes of security and nothing more. It is unfortunate that, at any time since the original misguided and misinformed posting, any Creekview resident was left with misgivings or discomfort. Should you have any additional questions regarding this security system or activities by the board relative to keeping our community safe, comfortable, and inviting please do not hesitate to contact the board at;

Car Break-Ins

Nextdoor¬†published today a security camera image of two young adults, male and female, who were seen trying to break into a car parked in the driveway. The individual who posted asked for assistance in identifying either of them. You can get to this site by typing Netdoor Creekview. It appears that a number of homes within our general vicinity of contiguous HOAs have had a number of automobile break-ins. Here in our community of Creekview HOA you are reminded to keep you house doors locked, garage doors lowered and locked, and all vehicles locked at all times; especially after hours. While there has been no notice that property has been burglarized here in our Creekview Community, it is clear that this episode, and one a week or so ago regarding a woman posing as a dog trainer, are reminders that as a community we need to be vigilant in our respective neighborhoods for those who would take advantage of neighbor absence or inattention. Don’t hesitate to contact the board at or Real Manage at with any concerns. Neighbor watching out for neighbor is the best security.